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About us

Unlocking Excellence: Meldor’s Journey in Inclinometric Systems

Welcome to Meldor, your gateway to excellence in inclinometric systems. In this article, we delve into the story of Meldor, its inception, and its unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the oil and gas industry through cutting-edge inclinometric solutions.

Founding Vision

Meldor emerged onto the scene in 2015, born from the visionary minds of a dedicated group of investors and engineers. These individuals had already forged a successful path together, specializing in the intricate world of magnetometric inclinometric systems. Their combined expertise laid the foundation for Meldor’s journey.

Aim and Ambition

The primary objective at Meldor was crystal clear from the outset: to craft inclinometric systems of unparalleled quality for the oil and gas sector, covering every aspect from well construction to operation. This commitment set the stage for the company’s ascent in the industry.

Innovation and Self-Sufficiency

One of Meldor’s early breakthroughs was the development and integration of highly sensitive components for inclinometric systems. These components were entirely of Meldor’s own making, and they were engineered to rival the offerings of global giants like Honeywell and Japan Aviation Electronics (JAE). This strategic move not only bolstered Meldor’s technical prowess but also liberated the company from the constraints of relying on external suppliers for accelerometers and fluxgate components. As a result, Meldor’s systems exhibited enhanced technical specifications and reliability.

A Class Apart

The tireless efforts of Meldor’s designers and technologists bore fruit in the form of uniquely advanced inclinometric systems. These systems set new industry benchmarks in terms of precision, dependability, and cost-effectiveness. One standout advantage is Meldor’s ability to expedite system production without compromising on quality. Throughout our manufacturing and repair processes, we maintain rigorous quality control measures, ensuring that every component and assembly meets our exacting standards.

Expertise Meets Experience

Meldor’s profound expertise in magnetometric inclinometric systems, combined with its hands-on experience in the field, has led to the creation of market-leading technologies and products. These innovations offer efficient and dependable solutions to our valued customers. At Meldor, our unwavering focus remains on propelling our customers’ businesses forward. This drive fuels our anticipation of their evolving needs, enabling us to consistently deliver exceptional products and services, on schedule and within budget.

In conclusion, Meldor stands as a testament to innovation, self-sufficiency, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in the realm of inclinometric systems. As we continue to redefine industry standards, we invite you to join us on this remarkable journey towards a future where precision and reliability reign supreme.