3-axis fluxgate magnetometer

High-temperature analog/digital 3-axis fluxgate magnetometer

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In the realm of magnetic measuring technology, one device stands out as a marvel of precision and innovation: the 3-axis high-temperature analog/digital fluxgate magnetometer. This remarkable instrument has found its place in a multitude of fields, including magnetic navigation, magnetic exploration, and magnetic mapping. What sets it apart is not only its versatility but also its main technical benefit—reducing the size of measuring equipment without compromising accuracy. 

Unveiling the Technology: Anatomy and Operation

The magnetometer, a device of profound significance in magnetic measuring, consists of a housing equipped with three fluxgates oriented orthogonally, accompanied by a separate electronic unit. This ingenious design allows for the measurement of components of the magnetic field induction vector across a broad temperature range, making it a preferred choice in various applications.

The operation principle is equally intriguing. The magnetometer operates by detecting periodic changes in the magnetic field flux through ferromagnetic cores, which periodically alter their magnetic permeability due to the field of the excitation coil. These changes are meticulously recorded using a measuring coil that induces an electromotive force. The resulting data can be delivered in both analog and digital formats, offering flexibility in data analysis.

Innovation Unleashed: Distinctive Features

What sets this 3-axis high-temperature analog/digital fluxgate magnetometer apart from the competition is the culmination of years of experience in magnetometric system design. The uniqueness of this device shines in both domestic and foreign markets, a testament to its exceptional engineering.

An integral aspect of its design lies in achieving non-linearity of measurement without the reliance on calibration dependencies. This innovative solution maintains accuracy across a range of temperatures, with a dimensional variation of no more than 0.1%. The device’s operational temperature range is extended through clever compensation for the temperature-dependent saturation of the fluxgates. This, combined with its low power consumption and unipolar magnetometer power supply, enhances its efficiency and integration possibilities.

A Multifaceted Tool: Applications and Versatility

The 3-axis high-temperature analog/digital fluxgate magnetometer isn’t just an instrument; it’s a gateway to a myriad of applications. Its ability to convert orthogonal magnetic induction vector components into digital codes or analog signals renders it invaluable for measuring weak magnetic fields, even up to ±70 µT.

Its elegance lies in its simplicity of design, eliminating the need for additional compensation windings or inductive coils. This not only reduces the device’s size and cost but also facilitates its integration into existing measuring equipment. From scientific research to military endeavors, and from medical imaging to manufacturing control, its reach is vast and impactful.

Unveiling Sensitivity: Precision Beyond Measure

Don’t let its compact size and cost-effectiveness deceive you; the fluxgate device boasts sensitivity that surpasses other sensors by leaps and bounds. Its accuracy is more than an order of magnitude higher, making it an ideal choice for scenarios demanding meticulous measurements of weak magnetic fields.

A Holistic Solution: Complete Features

This extraordinary 3-axis system isn’t just about precision; it’s about robustness and adaptability. Operating flawlessly over a temperature range of -40°C to +145°C, it comes in two sizes to cater to various needs. Its rugged construction enables it to withstand high levels of shock, vibration, and temperature fluctuations. With its low noise level and power consumption, it seamlessly integrates into existing setups.

Empowering Innovations: Applications and Beyond

The impact of the 3-axis high-temperature analog/digital fluxgate magnetometer reverberates across diverse fields. In geophysical research, it measures the Earth’s magnetic field and locates buried objects. In medicine, it aids in brain and heart imaging, as well as facilitating magnetic drug delivery. Security systems benefit from its inclusion in burglar alarms and residual field measurement. Furthermore, it plays a pivotal role in material and packaging control in the manufacturing sector.

Conclusion: Shaping the Magnetic Future

In the grand tapestry of technological innovation, the 3-axis high-temperature analog/digital fluxgate magnetometer stands as a testament to human ingenuity and persistence. Through its sophisticated design, precision, and adaptability, it continues to shape a magnetic future that spans across scientific exploration, medical advancements, security enhancements, and industrial progress. In a world of magnets and magnetic fields, this remarkable device is the guiding compass that leads us toward greater accuracy and understanding.

Empower Your Endeavors with the 3-Axis High-Temperature Analog/Digital Fluxgate Magnetometer

Discover the limitless possibilities of magnetic measuring technology with the unparalleled precision and adaptability of the 3-axis high-temperature analog/digital fluxgate magnetometer. From scientific breakthroughs to industrial innovations, this instrument is your key to unlocking new realms of accuracy and efficiency. Trust in its design, embrace its versatility, and let it shape the magnetic landscape of your endeavors. With its compact size, wide temperature range, and exceptional sensitivity, this magnetometer is your partner in navigating the magnetic mysteries of our world. Let its magnetic prowess guide you to new horizons and endless possibilities.


  • Complete 3-axis system

  • High accuracy over the -40°C to +145°C temperature range

  • Two sizes of fluxgate housings for Ø16mm and Ø23 mm

  • Compact size, rugged construction

  • Designed to survive high levels of shock, vibration, and temperature

  • Low noise Level

  • Low power consumption

  • Single power input +5.6V to 6V