Small-size 3-axis fluxgate magnetometer

Small-size high-temperature analog/digital 3-axis fluxgate magnetometer

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Magnetic measurement technology has witnessed a revolutionary advancement with the introduction of the 3-axis high-temperature analog/digital small-size fluxgate magnetometer. This remarkable innovation is designed to cater to the demands of magnetic navigation and navigation equipment, magnetic surveying, magnetic mapping, and various related fields. At the heart of this magnetometer lies a technical feat that has the potential to reshape the way we perceive and utilize magnetic field measurements.

Miniaturization and Precision: A Symbiotic Achievement

One of the most remarkable accomplishments of the 3-axis high-temperature fluxgate magnetometer is its ability to combine miniaturization and precision. With dimensions that astound – a mere 18mm in diameter and 110 mm in length – this magnetometer is unequivocally the smallest in its class of accuracy. This compact stature holds immense significance, particularly in applications where space constraints matter.

A Glimpse into its Inner Workings

The core principle that underpins the functioning of this magnetometer is captivatingly elegant. It is based on the registration of periodic changes in the magnetic field flux through ferromagnetic cores. These cores exhibit periodic alterations in their magnetic permeability due to the influence of an excitation coil field. The resulting changes are then adeptly captured by a measuring coil, which in turn generates an electromotive force. This process forms the backbone of the magnetometer’s ability to capture and analyze magnetic fields with exceptional accuracy.

Temperature Stability and Nonlinearity Mastery

One of the distinct features that sets the 3-axis fluxgate magnetometer apart is its capacity to maintain measurement stability across varying temperatures. The specialized design of its fluxgates allows for the preservation of measurement nonlinearity over a temperature spectrum spanning up to 145°C. Astonishingly, this level of stability is achieved without resorting to calibration dependencies. Such consistency is paramount for ensuring accurate measurements under diverse conditions.

Integration and Adaptability

The magnetometer’s attributes extend beyond its size and precision. It boasts a low power consumption and single-polarity power supply, making it ideal for integration into a variety of autonomous magnetometric systems. This integration not only prolongs the autonomous operational time of these systems but also maximizes the utility of the magnetometer in diverse applications.

From Magnetic Induction to Practical Applications

The magnetometer’s prowess lies in its ability to convert magnetic induction vectors into digital codes or analog signals. By measuring orthogonal components of weak magnetic fields within a range of ±70 μT (with potential extension), it allows for precise analysis and interpretation. For those opting for the digital version of the magnetometer, it is accompanied by comprehensive data visualization software, simplifying data analysis and interpretation.

Unleashing Versatility

This device is not merely a technological marvel; it’s a versatile tool with wide-ranging applications. It finds utility in geophysical research, military endeavors, medical diagnostics, security systems, and materials inspection. From measuring residual fields to monitoring packaging integrity, and even functioning as a security alarm, this magnetometer’s versatility knows no bounds. Its simplicity and multifunctionality make it indispensable across scientific and industrial sectors.

A Revolutionary Solution for a Multitude of Challenges

In the grand scheme of technological advancements, the 3-axis high-temperature analog/digital small-size fluxgate magnetometer stands tall as a revolutionary solution. The amalgamation of compactness, precision, and high sensitivity has led to an innovation that addresses multifaceted challenges across diverse sectors. This magnetometer serves as an embodiment of progress – a tangible representation of how human ingenuity can redefine the boundaries of possibility.

Unveiling the Technical Specifications

As we delve further into the capabilities of this magnetometer, its technical specifications come to the forefront:

  • Complete 3-Axis System: The magnetometer offers a comprehensive analysis of magnetic fields from three orthogonal axes, ensuring a holistic view of the magnetic environment.

  • High Accuracy Over Temperature Range: The device maintains its accuracy even within the demanding temperature range of -40°C to +145°C, providing dependable measurements across varying conditions.

  • Analog and Digital Output Integration: The magnetometer seamlessly integrates both analog and digital output options within a single construction, catering to diverse data interpretation needs.

  • Remarkable Compactness: With a diameter of just Ø18mm and a length of 110 mm, this magnetometer holds the title of the smallest size available on the market within its class.

  • Built for Durability: Designed to endure high levels of shock, vibration, and temperature fluctuations, this magnetometer ensures reliable performance even under challenging circumstances.

  • Low Noise Level: The device operates with minimal noise interference, enabling precise data capture and analysis.

  • Efficient Power Consumption: With a single power input ranging from +5.6V to 6V, the magnetometer optimizes power consumption for extended operation.